180songs an alternative to discover new musical styles

180songs is an alternative for those Spotify users who want to try different musical styles than the ones they usually listen to.

180songs an alternative to discover new musical styles

Spotify knows in detail, through its algorithm, the musical tastes of each user and that is why they recommend music within the style that the person listens to, taking into account the most frequent reproductions, the artists and the music stored in the library.

180songs , a free-to-use app, promises a different experience within the streaming platform with the idea of bringing them the opposite music to what they usually listen to, so opposite that they mark it as a 180-degree turn.

This app is associated with Spotify after logging into the streaming platform.

In the first instance, it requests that the user highlight from a list of styles and genres those that are of their preference and then, automatically, provide another list in parallel of the suggested songs. Ideal for users who want to explore new musical styles.

You can filter the times it is considered and preview the songs that were thrown as a result from the app and then add them to the Spotify playlist; as long as the user is satisfied with the result.

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