2 platforms to create free games, without knowing programming

These platforms allow users who are passionate about games to create their own without knowing how to program and in turn test the games of other creators within each platform, participate in forums, find out about updates, etc ...

2 platforms to create free games, without knowing programming


Flowlab is a tool that allows you to create games similar to Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Sonic. The added value of this platform is that it is not necessary for the creator to know programming.

Many aspects related to the game such as characters, settings, movements, etc. can be chosen to pose the story of the game. To start you have to register. Some features are in free mode and others more advanced, with payment.

The result: A game that will work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and also on Android and iOS cell phones.


This tool allows you to create games similar to those of Flowlab. The difference is that it works with 3D graphics which will make the experience of the game more exciting.

As in the previous tool, it is not necessary to know programming, but to be somewhat expert with 3D design plans to work on the figures, personal, give them depth, movement, etc. similar to working with Blender.

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