3 apps to achieve goals

It is not only important to set goals but to meet them. These applications are designed to help people throughout the process, from setting goals, setting deadlines, measuring progress and validating the moment just when it has been achieved.

3 apps to achieve goals


This app is created on the basis of personal development and principles of psychology. In it, an action plan can be put together following some templates in the app and using the SMART model where the objectives to be set must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

GoalsOnTrack is presented as a comprehensive solution to establish goals, know the purpose of those goals, deadlines, progress record and daily habits not only applied to the professional field but also to the personal one and thus improve performance in a comprehensive way.

GoalsOnTrack available on Android, iOS and PC.

Habit List

The basis for achieving a habit is repetition. This app helps to establish habits marking triumphs every time the activity you want to adopt is carried out.

Regarding habits that are carried out on certain days or hours, such as studying, exercising, etc. The app allows you to create specific and flexible hours and days.

Habit List is free on iOS and Android.

This application is based on the collective motivation to achieve the objectives. Once the objective has been chosen, you can select the type of coaching you prefer, which includes advice, reminders, community support, among other alternatives.

It has a free and a paid version. The latter includes personalized sessions. Available for Android and iOS.

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