5 Telegram news that improve the user experience

This messaging service continues to dispute the position with WhatsApp and for this it implements new functionalities for both iOS and Android.

5 Telegram news that improve the user experience

1- Transfer chats

This is perhaps one of the most important updates. Now Telegram allows you to transfer to your app the chats and conversations generated in WhatsApp, Signal or Line, three of the most popular instant messaging applications. This possibility is enabled for both personal and group chats.

2- Improved audios

The app adopted a modality similar to that of Club House for audio chats, where the volume of each participant can be optimized by modifying the microphone of each one.

3- Greet with Stickers

That is Telegram's proposal to welcome a contact that joins Telegram.

4- Report fake accounts

Telegram has available to users the alternative to report not only content but false channels. Groups that claim to represent companies or organizations without being it.
By pressing the three dots, which is shown in the profile, there will be the option: Report> Fake account.

5- Data control in the digital world

Telegram not only allows you to delete sent messages but also created groups and the complete call history, without leaving anything archived on their servers.

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