Activate emergency messages on your smartphone

In this note we tell you how you can activate emergency messages to specific contacts on your cell phone, for both Android and iOS .

Activate emergency messages on your smartphone

And in the continuous search to discover the wonderful benefits that technology brings us, this very interesting option appeared, that of activating: “Send emergency messages” from our smartphone.

Now what is it about?

Our cell phone is not only a fun and communication partner in everyday situations, but it can also be a good ally in situations of risk.

This option is intended to assist us in sending alerts about our next location and the audio / visual environment in which we find ourselves, to contacts that we have previously defined.

How active?


From Android it is possible to set in the section: Settings > Advanced Features > Send emergency message , a very reliable contact and up to four, to be able to send alerts in these situations.

After doing so, it is enough to quickly press the cell phone's power button three times so that an eave reaches the defined contact.

In addition, two additional options can be activated, one of them to be able to attach images captured by the cell phone cameras and the other to send an audio recording of up to five seconds.


On iPhone this configuration is found in the app " Health ": " Medical Data ". There you must select the option "Edit" and then "Emergency contacts". Then with the “+” sign, the people to whom it is desired to receive a warning should be added, in case of a risk situation.

We have to consider that iPhone works differently from the Android operating system, since the first thing it does is call the local emergency number and then send messages to certain contacts, including your location in real time.

For iPhone 8 or higher devices, the option is activated by pressing the power button and one of the volume buttons until “SOS Emergency” appears. With iPhone 7 or earlier, you can activate the option with the side button or five times that of increasing the volume.

Do you have it activated?

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