Among Us: Crewman the Impostor

Among Us is one of the games of the moment. Adolescents have given their verdict and have joined it thanks to the spread of influencers and youtubers in this pandemic scenario that still keeps thousands of people at home.

Among Us: Crewman the Impostor

Live game broadcasts brought thousands of kids and teens ages 13-20 to join.

Among Us is a “multiplayer” game where four to ten participants can participate per game. At the start of the game, participants are entered into a spaceship from another planet and immediately, privately, each player is given a role: "crew member" or "impostor"

The crew must fulfill certain types of tasks in the different spaces of the ship while they must sneak away or discover the impostor whose mission is to assassinate them.

Among Us favors social interaction and being large groups, the boys connect, socialize, discuss and play with other boys, inviting new friends to continue playing.


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