Another option for video conferencing: Noysi

In recent times, and driven by the isolation caused by the pandemic, more than one platform for videoconferencing has been tried, among the best known being Zoom , Google Meet and Whatsapp .

Another option for video conferencing: Noysi

Noysi joins this list with not inconsiderable advantages. This solution is free, does not establish a time limit and does not require registration or subscription to use it, banishing the possibility of using user data.

In its paid version it allows you to record a call and includes the possibility of streaming on YouTube, but in regards to the connection time and the number of people connected, which are items that other platforms limit, Noisy is unlimited from its free version.

To generate a videoconference enter , put a name to the meeting room and once inside, if necessary, you can create a password to prevent a person with the URL of the meeting joins her.

As in other platforms Noysi allows us to share screen and chat. Ideal for teaching online, giving support to people on different topics, meetings with family and friends.

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