NetXee, an app to improve your productivity

How to optimize time? How to get to meet the goals that you have proposed without forgetting the daily procedures? may be the answer., an app to improve your productivity

This application helps you to easily organize with your task lists and advance in each of them, until they are completed.

The main screen offers you a way to organize your tasks and projects automatically, taking as a parameter the time: "Today", "tomorrow", "soon" and "some day". If that classification is not according to your tastes, you can create the one you want with your own parameters, such as priority or order of importance.

Once the categories have been established, you should adapt the endless list of tasks in which it corresponds. These may be written notes or audio files.

As we move forward, we drag and drop tasks, we mark the already done eliminating them just by shaking your device. It has a built-in calendar and can be synchronized with other devices such as tablet or desktop PC. has the possibility to configure alarms for our missed calls, a quick edit bar that allows the tasks that we have for the day, go to the notifications panel; It also allows us to work as a team with other people and assign tasks.

It is a free app that has extra features that can be unlocked subscribing to the service for a few dollars. Reminders based on our location are one of the most useful. On Google Play this app has a rating of 4.5 stars and very good comments.

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