Apple focuses on providing services: Apple TV Plus, Apple Card and Apple Arcade

Apple surprised its followers with their latest announcements; Above all because the news was not focused on new products but services that improve the user experience. The most outstanding: Apple TV Plus , Apple Card and Apple Arcade . We bring you a brief summary of each one.

Apple focuses on providing services: Apple TV Plus, Apple Card and Apple Arcade

Apple TV Plus

Apple plays with the video through a streaming service. In Apple TV Plus you can watch both movies and series of own content and this year will reach more than 100 countries. Celebrities of the stature of JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Aniston accompanied the brand of the apple in these ads. Regarding the characteristics of the platform, it will be paid, allowing you to view content online and also download it and then view it offline.

Today it is not within the objectives of Apple to compete with streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video; Anyway, that can be evaluated later.

Apple Card

A credit card (both physical and virtual) that will have the premise of monitoring the expenses of its users, helping them to generate awareness and improve their finances

This card will be linked to App Wallet, the digital wallet of Apple. When opening the application, users can see by color the consumptions in different areas, such as meals, trips, services, etc. and identify at a glance how they are using their money and see possibilities of readjustments in unnecessary expenses.

In order to differentiate and set trends, this wallet will have no card number, expiration date, or security code, marking a new way of what is expected from future credit cards. This service is launched in the United States, by MasterCard, for which it is expected that in the long term, the product will expand worldwide.

Apple Arcade

Arcade makes a strong bet on the world of videogames. This platform will provide more of exclusive games without ads. Users must subscribe by paying a monthly fee and can access them from the App Store. Arcade will be available in more than 150 countries and the cost of the service is still unknown. Like Google Arcadia, it allows you to play offline. Apple Arcade will be available for iOS, macOS and tvOS.

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