Apple Trade In, recondition or recycle your old iPhone

In a recent video published by the Cupertino company, Apple proposes that the user go to an official store with his old cell phone, to evaluate the possibility of obtaining a discount to buy a new one or to recycle it.

Apple Trade In, recondition or recycle your old iPhone

In the program that recently launched, the firm may, depending on the state of the phone, modify the old cell phone to be resold (cheaper and guaranteed) or take only the important materials and recycle them.

The idea of the exchange is born for several reasons, one of them is that the iPhone has reduced its sales in several of the last quarters. Another is that people who have this type of smartphones usually renew the model every three years, leading to thousands of cell phones are discarded and not used anymore or sold at a lower price than corresponds to true wear.

For these reasons the company proposes through a video, the program "Apple Trade In" in which users can take their old cell phone (before the Xr and Xs and from the iPhone 6) to a store of the brand to be inspected .

In this way, if Apple manages to recycle or recondition it to put it back on the market, the user is given a credit so that he can acquire a new smartphone. Otherwise, the user will have the option to leave it in the store so that the materials are used and recycled in other Apple products.

The discount will depend, obviously, on the model that is delivered to the company.

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