Bipy Pets, the new pet collar with GPS and 4G Personal

The telephone service company launched in Argentina a new product that serves to be more connected to our pets. This is " Bipy Mascotas ", an intelligent necklace that allows you to monitor and communicate with them. It has GPS and 4G built-in.

Bipy Pets, the new pet collar with GPS and 4G Personal

This proposal is in addition to the proposals presented last year by the company Personal for the monitoring of older adults and children with devices: Bipy Adults and Bipy Children.

This time the locator is intended for pets. With the Bipy Mascotas we no longer have to worry about if they leave the house because the tool allows us to track them.

This wonderful device that is placed on the collar of pets, has GPS, 4G connectivity, a water fall sensor, microphone and speaker to communicate with the animal.

In addition, Bipy Mascotas measures the ambient temperature, has a watch that monitors the physical activity of the pet and has identification lights that allow detection of the device in the dark.

This small device measures 53 x 4.5 x 1.5 centimeters, it can be managed through an app from any cell phone compatible with iPhone and Android, in which you can see notifications and Bipy Pets records.

You can also configure secure zones, in which if the pet approaches or is in any of them, the owner receives a warning alarm on the cell phone. Also, you can observe the state of charge of the battery and even know the route you made in animal, on a map.

In case the pet is lost, the GPS of the device will be activated for 20 minutes so that it can be located quickly and have information about its route in real time.

The pager can be linked with up to 10 mobile phones simultaneously, so several people can remotely track the pet. It is ideal to be used on holidays.

This intelligent monitoring device costs $ 4,999 Argentine pesos and from the online personal store, it can be purchased in up to 12 installments without interest by credit card.

It is also necessary to have an IoT connectivity subscription of $ 130 per month, which includes exclusive calls and data for the location function of the device. With exchanges of "Personal Club" points it is possible to obtain up to 50% discount.

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