China created an app to detect close contacts with the coronavirus

The government of China created an application for smartphones to detect if a person is at risk of contracting the coronavirus because they have shared spaces with confirmed or suspicious cases.

China created an app to detect close contacts with the coronavirus

The mobile application developed has a "close contact detector", that is, it detects whether it was close to an infected person or who is suspected of being.

It is necessary to clarify that it is considered as “close contact” to the proximity without effective protection to people with confirmed cases or with a high probability of being infected with the virus.

They include: people who live together, who share common space such as offices or study rooms, medical staff, family members, patient caregivers, passengers or crew of airplanes, trains or other means of transport with an infected person.

For example, all passengers within three rows of an infected person and crew personnel are considered to have "close contact", while the rest of the passengers are granted the category of "general contact."

Another example is on air-conditioned trains, where passengers and car service personnel are considered to have had "close contact".

How does the app work?

Users can make their query by scanning a QR on their phones, using linked applications such as the Alipay payment service or social networks such as WeChat.

The user is then registered with his telephone number, name and document number.

Each telephone number entered can be used to verify the status of up to three people, each with their own identification.

The app was created by government departments of China and the Electronic Technology Group Corporation of the country. It was also backed with data from transport and health authorities of the Asian giant.

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