Clubhouse: A social network to be heard

Clubhouse is an app made up of rooms or forums where you can listen to conversations of people who want to be heard; Furthermore, this social network allows interaction and debate.

Clubhouse: A social network to be heard

Many references from Silicon Valley have joined this social network considering it "atypical". In Clubhouse there are no photos, videos, or written messages. There are no likes or emojis. Many define it as a great virtual round table.

Each room has the information on the topic that is discussed there, who are the speakers and the number of people who have joined it. There is the figure of the moderator. The user can enter the room and request a turn to speak; This decision will be left to the moderator.

To access this social network you need to be invited. After registering, each person has two invitations to send and then, according to their level of participation, they are given more invitations to distribute.

The Clubhouse has been joined by famous personalities such as Ashton Kutcher, Elon Musk, musicians such as Drake or Jared Leto.

At the moment the app is available only for iOS but its creators promise that it will soon be ready for Android as well.

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