Disconnect your WhatsApp without turning off the phone

In time of rest we do not want to be so aware of work. WhatsApp for many bosses is the ideal channel to contact your direct collaborator at any time of the day. Also when you study or work different applications can be a source of distraction.

Disconnect your WhatsApp without turning off the phone

Caring for moments in family or with friends has become fundamental. Focus on what you are doing to be more productive, too.

For this reason there is Block Apps , an application that allows you to limit your digital connection by disconnecting applications without having to turn off your smartphone.

With this app, completely flexible and free, you will not get messages, notifications, or marked accents. The most interesting thing is that you can set blocking schedules for each of them. Block your WhatsApp at night and work normally in the morning is 100% viable.

Other options that you have in order to limit your time in the digital world are those provided by "Digital Wellbeing" if you have Google Pixel with Android 9.0 or "Time of use" designed by Apple for iPhone.

Click to download Block Apps .

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