Everything Google knows about you, at your fingertips

If it is in your interest to know everything that Google knows about you, you can download a copy of your complete history through a link that the company itself provides you.

Everything Google knows about you, at your fingertips

These files have the record of all the videos you've seen on YouTube , the files you have saved in the Drive , Hangouts , Calendar , Gmail , your searches in Google Maps and much more about your movements in the network. It is worth clarifying that the information you can download, but not eliminate it from the servers.

Steps to perform the download:

1- Go to

2- Select those products you want to make a copy of. Click on Next

3- Choose the file format (a .ZIP file is suggested and 50GB in size).

4- Choose delivery method.

7- Click on Create file

Once you obtain your file, you will find in it, all the registered movements within the Google products that you selected.

The Android applications that you downloaded, searches in Google Maps, news read from the Google News, videos seen and comments that you have left on the You Tube platform, your complete Gmail and even ads that the platform showed you and you clicked, among other information.

The delay in downloading is important, it can take hours and even days depending on the products you have selected for download. Good luck with that!

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