Facebook knows your location, even if you have deactivated the location How to avoid this?

Even if you are not using the application and even if you have deactivated the location, Facebook has access to your current location and the history of routes you have made. Recently Facebook incorporated an improvement in Android that allows to deactivate this "tracking". Here we show you how to do it.

Facebook knows your location, even if you have deactivated the location How to avoid this?

Lately you have noticed that the notifications that arrive through Facebook about people or events that are close to your location are more recurrent.

This is because there is a Facebook localization function running in the background that, even if you are not using the app, it records your travel history and knows your current location at all times.

This function shows friends and nearby events but ... it is also used to direct advertisements.

For this last reason the social network has taken another step to protect the privacy of Android users, incorporated an improvement to modify the configuration of the function, previously only available for iOS.

This improvement allows you to deactivate the "permanent tracking", if you wish.

To see the history of locations on the web you can follow this link: , where there is a map with the last places registered by the app and on the left you can see your complete history. This information is personal access, as expressed by the company.

From the Faceebok app, the option to activate or deactivate this function is found under Settings / Privacy / Location / Location settings, where you can activate or deactivate the function.

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