To sign in to Gmail you need an account. Creating a free email account Gmail is much more than accessing an email account, is accessing a package of free and unified services. The benefits of having your Gmail account, you can only appreciate them once you create one. This is why we detail below the simple steps to follow to enter this variety of services that will simplify your life.

Gmail email account includes:


  • Google Chrome, to always access your profile no matter where and how (PC, smartphone, tablet), always having your bookmarks, favorites, history, etc. at hand.
  • Google search engine, to always have the personalized search orientation available according to your location and interest
  • Gmail account, with internet access to your inbox and the full features of your mailbox
  • Hangouts, to communicate by text, voice calls, videoconference, sharing images and videos at no cost
  • YouTube, with personalized profile and access to your usage history, personalized channels, favorite and popular videos.
  • Drive, so you can save all the documents you need in the cloud and access them from wherever you want, with the possibility to edit and view them online with Google Docs.
  • Google+, the social network that allows you to immediately configure and assemble your own circles of contacts, to share the content and opinion of what you want.
  • Google Calendar, to coordinate your agenda and reminders with whoever you want, and you can access it no matter where you are.
  • Google Maps, to create your maps with places and favorite routes or information of transport lines, meeting points, etc. By accessing your account, you will always have your information available and updated.
  • Google Play, to access the store for all applications available to your Chrome-installed computers. You will find free or paid applications, according to what you need.



How to create a Gmail account

From the home of Google search you will access the option of "Login". Also access from any home of the above described services. Access to and go to the button "Create an account".

In the next screen you will see at the bottom, the option "Create an account".

In the next step you will see a dialog box where you will need to enter the information necessary to create your Gmail account.

  • Name and surname. It can be useful for other Google paid services.
  • Username. This will become the email address and you will be asked to enter any of the Google services. In many cases just by logging into one of them, others will be able to identify you.
  • Password and password confirmation. Pay special attention to the suggestions that you will make to have a secure password.
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Mobile phone. It will be used in case they detect any suspicious activity in the account, or to validate it at any time. Always this information is optional, but we suggest that you supply it as it will help you in the moments that you need to have your account safe from any computer attack.
  • Optional email address. It will be used to recover password.
  • Verification that you are not a robot, through a CAPTCHA system.
  • Location. It will be used to personalize the use of the services according to your location.
  • Aceptar las Condiciones del Servicio y sus Políticas de Privacidad.

Now, you're finally ready to go to your Google profile and enjoy all the benefits you get with your new Gmail account.