Gmail celebrated its 15th anniversary with news

On April 1 Gmail commemorated its 15th birthday and with its anniversary launched several new tools. Know in this note the latest news of this giant messaging.

Gmail celebrated its 15th anniversary with news

The first one is Smart Compose ( Smart Composition) that suggests what to write as the email is written. This tool, powered by artificial intelligence, was already available in the desktop version of Gmail and was launched last year.

The novelty is that now it will reach all mobile devices with Android. At the moment, the date on which it will be available for iOS is unknown. On the other hand, the function will not only be available in the English language but also can be used in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French.

In addition, not only recommend words but complete sentences according to the content of the mail and suggest titles for the mail as well as adapt the greetings to the way that the user has.

According to the company, Smart Compose saves writing up to one billion characters per week, increasing productivity and saving time.

Another novelty is that Gmail has integrated the function of planning the mailing . To use it, simply press the "Send" button to display a list of options to select the day and time the email will be sent.

Added to these changes is a more dynamic and interactive experience for the user, since a mail can answer a thread of comments in Google Docs without having to open another tab or leave the inbox, and can schedule meetings and do questionnaires

Beyond all these improvements, it is worth remembering that there is also bad news for some services offered, since Inbox and Google Plus are no longer available.

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