Hotmail Outlook

The Hotmail service of Microsoft, migrated to, also allowing you to create your email account, free of charge and in simple steps, accessing your inbox from any computer or mobile phone, and in improved conditions regarding Hotmail .

Hotmail Outlook

This service from Microsoft, not only allows you to create new email accounts with domain @, but you can also access accounts @ or the most known and used so far @, since the accounts of Hotmail migrated to this new Microsoft service.

Until a month ago, you could access Hotmail or with any email address, even with custom domains, but like Google with Gmail, these functions now have a cost and is integrated into the Microsoft service designed for companies.

Create your Hotmail account

Accessing or the new, you will initiate the necessary registration process to have a personalized account with a domain @, since there is no more the possibility of accessing new accounts of the old hotmail service. It will only be necessary to follow the steps that are detailed below.

To open a Hotmail account from the page or the new MSN service (to access, the user will be redirected to the Outlook homepage), you must click on "Register now"

You will access a configuration page, where you must enter the personal details of the owner of the account:

  • Name and surname
  • Username. Here you can select the desired domain, which will be used to enter the account.

  • Password. It must have at least 8 characters, and it must be repeated to verify the correct selection of it.
  • Select the Country or Region where you live
  • Enter the Postal Code of your address
  • Enter the date of birth
  • Select your gender

To protect your account, be it hotmail, Outlook or MSN, we suggest that you enter the data requested below, as they will be used in case of detecting any suspicious or harmful activity for your account.

Select Telephone code of your country and a mobile phone number, where any verification code will be sent if necessary, to attacks or suspicious activity of the account.
Have an alternative email account, where to report any news or problem about your account (can be considered other hotmail or outlook accounts inclusive).
Finally, you must verify your activity on the page, and discard that it has been completed automatically, by loading a CAPTCHA code.

By clicking on the "Create Account" button, you will access your inbox, viewing your first email ... Welcome from

Login Hotmail

Whenever you want to enter the mail again, from any platform either computer or mobile, you must login from the service's home page, or in the same way you can access by signing in from the mobile phone application. In each case, to start the session you must again enter the credentials of the account: user name (email address) and password, immediately accessing the inbox.

If you need any help to send your first email, do not forget to visit our guide to create an email, where you will find a simple and complete way to advance with this service.

Do not forget to enjoy all the services provided by Microsoft through your account, since you will have other services that you can access from your email tray, or even from the home page of the new MSN. Additional services include OneDrive, which gives you the possibility to store all your documentation, images, videos, etc. in the cloud, or access Office to view, create or modify any document, as well as accessing Contacts and Calendar from any platform with internet access, as well as being able to enjoy OneNote, the maps of your Bing search engine or even the Music music service of your xBox console.

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