How much time do we spend on each task?

We all know that time does not stand still and that there are events that happen in the blink of an eye, so it is important to organize and be more productive to know how long each task takes us in our daily lives.

How much time do we spend on each task?

In an exaggeratedly simple way, Chroniker helps to time each activity to later know the time that this demand and to start optimizing the times taking this variable into account.

This website, which does not require a subscription, allows you to register tasks in a panel. Just by hitting the counter for the task in question, time will start ticking. It is worth clarifying that in case of taking a break it will be necessary to stop the timer.

Then in the upper right section you can see all the tasks performed and the time it took to complete each of them; all registered.

There are other more specific apps to optimize times such as Pomofocus , Focus To Do , Brain Focus Productivity Timer that are to be downloaded directly to the cell phone.

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