How to send a WhatsApp message to a user who has blocked you?

The limitation of this blocking function can not be an impediment for a user to be heard by who interrupted the communication. To overcome this obstacle, we tell you in this note how to do it through a simple trick.

How to send a WhatsApp message to a user who has blocked you?

The reasons why we may have blocked in WhatsApp can be very diverse, even by mistake, in some cases certain users often confuse the action of blocking with the silencing.

With the option of active blocking by a person, no matter how hard we try to send a message or call it through the app, they will not be received unless some advice is followed.

First of all , it is necessary to have the certainty that you have blocked us in WhatsApp ... in a very simple way.

If in the app we see a contact without a profile image, or the messages sent do not reach him (since they appear with a single tilde), or he does not receive calls ... he most likely blocked us.

Once we know that a user did it and we want or need, in any case, to reestablish communication it is essential to have the help of a third party. Someone to set up a chat group on WhatsApp and incorporate both into the same group.

In this way, the person who has blocked us will receive the messages we send him, of course the conversation will last until he decides to leave the group. Even if the conversation is private, we can ask "the administrator" (the person who put the group together) to leave the group to continue the conversation alone with the person who blocked us.

With this simple "trick", the message we want to give to the person who has blocked us will arrive anyway by the app, either in the form of texts, audios or images.

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