How to use WhatsApp as a notebook?

WhatsApp , one of the most used apps worldwide, continues adding features for its users to make it more attractive. Now it gives you the possibility of being able to leave notes, links, reminders, messages in the same application without having to go to another app or having to pass to your trusted contact the information so that later you remember or save it.

How to use WhatsApp as a notebook?

Actually it is not a special section of WhatsApp but the possibility of self-send messages and thus have your own private chat with the notes you want. Here are the steps to achieve it.

  1. Within the App you go to the option to create contact.
  2. In the contact tray enter your name and cell phone as a new contact.
  3. Then you will go to the phone book where you will search.
  4. In the contact form, you choose the option "send WhatsApp message" and in a new chat you can send the information to check it later.

To highlight: This new contact, which will be you, will not appear in the WhatsApp agenda. You will enter it through the list of communications or the registration form.

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