How to use ZOOM on your PC

To use Zoom on your PC (Windows and macOS), go to . Once on the page you will have to make a small download. You will find it in the lower bar, indicated with the word Download or Download. Once the file has been downloaded to your computer, allow it to run by clicking OK and it will be ready.

How to use ZOOM on your PC

To participate in a meeting

Once the download has been made, for the only time on the team you have chosen, you can join the meeting that you were invited by clicking on "Join a meeting" and completing these details:

  1. Your name
  2. Meeting ID

This ID will have been passed to you by the host. Done, you will be in the video conference!

To create a meeting

To create your own meeting it will be necessary to register. You can do it using your Google account, Facebook or directly through Zoom. Once the registration is made, a window will appear with the following options:

  • New meeting
  • Join
  • Schedule
  • Share screen

To schedule the meeting you must click on AGENDAR. There a new window will open requesting some information about it, such as the topic to be discussed, the day and time of the call and the duration of the videoconference. In this last item, it is important to note that the free version allows meetings for an unlimited time when the three participants are not exceeded. Meetings for more than three are stipulated for free (with the basic plan) with a maximum time of 40 minutes.

Other options to check will be if the meeting will be recurring or not (recommended if video calls are used regularly and on a scheduled basis).

Then there are other items to mark as the ID, this can be generated automatically -recommended- or be a static one; in the password we only have to load one; Regarding the use of video and audio, both the host and the participants will select the ones that best suit the purpose of the meeting, also taking into account the quality of the connection. Finally Zoom suggests marking the meeting on a calendar. If you use any of the options described by the platform, you can select them; otherwise the option is checked: other calendars.

Another of the tabs shown below are the "Advanced Options". In these we can choose:
- Enable the waiting room
- Allow participants to enter the room before the host
- Mute the audio of the participants until they are accommodated and all enter - recommended-
- Automatically record the meeting on the PC - advisable in case it needs to be played back later-

Finishing reviewing this list, we click on AGENDAR and a new window will open with a summary of our meeting where we will find all the details we select plus a link to the Zoom website to pass on to the participants who have never connected to this platform. and the meeting ID , for those who already have Zoom downloaded on their PC or smartphone so that they can directly enter the day and time they are called.

This information (particularly the links) is important to copy and then paste it into an email, WhatsApp or social network to send it to the guests without errors.

In summary, Zoom is a simple, effective platform with a very good proposal in its free version, both for those who organize the meeting and for those who join as participants.

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