Instagram launches functions to combat bullying and offensive comments

The photo app owned by Facebook, is working to incorporate tools that notify users when they are about to be published offensive comments in one of their publications.

Instagram launches functions to combat bullying and offensive comments

Instagram has been harshly criticized for not taking the necessary measures to avoid online harassment.

For this reason, he recently announced that he is experimenting with a new function, enhanced with artificial intelligence, so that network users are notified if they are about to receive an offensive comment in a publication.

For example, if someone writes an insult such as "you are ugly, silly, etc.", the app will give notice and first consult the owner of the profile to ensure that you want to publish that comment.

On the other hand Instagram is also testing a new tool called "Restrict" (Restrict) very similar to blocking, with the difference that neither the owner of the profile nor the rest of the followers can see the comments of the restricted person.

It is like "invisibilizing" the person, who can continue to comment as if nothing happened and feel like everything continues the same. Also, these people will not be able to see when the "harassed" user is online or if they read the messages that they have sent to him privately.

In addition to these measures, last month the social network reported that it will clean up any type of content that incites violence and hatred.

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