Instagram messaging services, WhatsApp and Messenger will be linked

A new bet of the most used social network in the world, Facebook , who decided to unite the platforms of WhatsApp , Instagram and Facebook Messenger . These three applications of instant messaging services will remain independent, but there will be a link between them. Find out what it is about here.

Instagram messaging services, WhatsApp and Messenger will be linked

According to The New York Times , the plans of Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, are the assembly of messaging services. It will not be a single application that integrates WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger, since each one will continue to be independent, but messages between these services can be connected.

What are the benefits of this union? Well, a user of a social network for example, Instagram, you can interact with someone who only uses WhatsApp or a Messenger user can send a message to an Instagram without changing the app.

Is it a strategy to win the competition? This is believed, because if a person uses the Facebook platform to communicate, they could stop using rival services such as those offered by Apple and Google. The objective of Mark Zuckerberg is obviously to keep his millions of Facebook users active within his ecosystem to gain more territory.

What will happen to privacy? Security measures will be increased. End-to-end ciphers will be placed so that only messages can be seen by those who participate in the conversation.

When will the services of these applications be united? Work is already being done on the development for its use, but the project is still in the first phase. It is expected that by the end of 2019, or early 2020, these applications will have a common core, according to The New York Times .

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