Instagram stories: Your stories, your music

If you want to make more sense of your Instragram stories use the music label within the application. The result: Stories that communicate better and achieve more likes.

Instagram stories: Your stories, your music

Step by step to add music to your stories:

  1. Inside Instragram I chose the camera to create a new story. This icon is on the upper left edge of the screen.
  2. Take out your best photo and then click on the labels icon. In that menu of elements to add to your stories you will have to choose the MUSIC.
  3. Already within the section you will have 3 tabs that will be options to choose the theme that you like: Popular, where you will find the most used in the app; those that denote a state of mind (romantic, funny, inspiring, etc.) or by genres (rock, classic, hip, hop, pop, etc).
    If you have a specific song in mind, you can also use the search engine in the top bar. You can search by topic title or author name.
  4. Once the song is chosen, enter the full screen where it is played. It only remains to choose the section of the song that you are going to use for your story and put READY to finish. The maximum playing time is 15 seconds.

Your story will now have one more tag, with the song fragment you chose and it will be played automatically.

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