IQAir: Know the quality of the air, wherever you are.

Every year more people join different movements to raise awareness about the pollution of the planet from different perspectives. IQAir AirVisual is an application that seeks to raise awareness and allows you to know the level of contamination in the air of the place where you are.

IQAir: Know the quality of the air, wherever you are.

The app is designed to provide real-time data on the quality of the air we breathe in cities around the world. It also presents data on the coming days, both on the degree of pollution and the weather, live ranking of the countries with the highest levels of pollution and valuable content to find out what we can do from our role to improve the air we breathe, both in our cities and within our homes, offices, hospitals, among others.

IQAir is a free application linked to Apple's Weather, which ensures presence in different countries and confidence in the information provided. To download it, go to Google Play or the App Store .

Temas: health , weather , clima , salud
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