Know if someone else enters your personal Gmail email

Gmail users can know if another person logged into their private accounts, through the registration of IP addresses that shows the email service.

Know if someone else enters your personal Gmail email

Email accounts have become a "trunk" of private information and are usually used to be able to access accounts of frequently used sites or new ones.

For this reason, the protection of this information has become important for users.

In order to know if an outsider has entered the account, Gmail allows from its desktop version to verify the IP addresses and the locations with which they have been accessed.

The IP identification number is like a license plate of the devices on the web. Therefore, if you know the IPs associated with the devices that are generally used to enter, a person can tell if there is a start with a "strange".

In the lower right part of the platform there is the option "Details". If you click on this option opens a window that shows the type of access (mobile or browser), the location (country with IP number) with the time and date with which you have logged in to the mail.

It is only possible to view the last ten entries, so if you think there are suspicious activities in the mail it is advisable to check it several times a day. When the owner of the account observes unknown activities, he can enter the site "Ip Lookup" to know more details of the suspicious IP.

The option "Details" also allows you to close all web sessions that have been opened in Gmail, in order to corroborate if an external user knows the password or there are infrequent activities.

To do all this, it is essential that the user knows their IP addresses and closes the rest of the sessions. On the other hand, it is advisable to change the password and activate the option "Send alerts of suspicious activity", as well as review the security data of the account from "Google Account", which is in the profile photo (upper right margin) ).

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