Know your viewing history on Netflix

It is this note, we present a simple trick to know the titles seen on the platform. To do this, you need to enter from the desktop version.

Know your viewing history on Netflix

Without a doubt Netflix is currently one of the most popular and used streaming services in the world.

With the wide variety of content that it permanently incorporates or removes, you may have wondered what was the first thing you saw when you started using the service.

If you want to know that information you must log in to the platform from the desktop version.

Next it is necessary to select the account and go to the upper right margin, where the photo is, and click to open the drop-down menu.

There you must choose the " Account " option and in the " My profile " section select " Display Activity ".

Once you reach the end of the first part of the list of the Activity of the selected user, you can choose “ Download it all ”, to obtain a spreadsheet with all the information.

Other interesting option found in this section is the " Playback configuration ", from there it is possible to enable and disable the automatic playback of the advances as well as the next episode in all the devices on which you use the platform.

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