LG will present a machine to make beer with capsules

In the best style of the Nesspreso system to make coffee, the South Korean company LG anticipates with a craft brewing machine that uses capsules: "LG HomeBrew".

LG will present a machine to make beer with capsules

The convenience of having craft beer in the home at the time you want it will be possible.

The "LG HomeBrew" will be presented at the next CES 2019 fair, one of the main global technological events that will take place on January 8 and 11, 2019 in Las Vegas.

Each capsule of a single use, will contain the necessary ingredients so that the fermentation, the carbonation, the cooling and until the service of automated cleaning are the adapted ones to enjoy a rich beer ... simply by pressing a button.

Each single-dose tablet contains ingredients such as: flavorings, hop oil, yeast, malt, among others for proper preparation.

Unlike what happens with Nesspreso coffee capsules, the brewing process is not instantaneous, but takes a couple of weeks.

The LG HomeBrew will be able to manufacture up to 5 liters of craft beer in two weeks!

In addition, its manufacturers say that this machine is much more hygienic and accurate than traditional and manual methods, since it is disinfected with hot water.

LG HomeBrew has a system with algorithms that ensure an adequate process to control at all times the fermentation, temperature and pressure just for each type of beer can process five different varieties of this beverage. One is in the style of the American IPA, another like the English Stout, the Belgian Witbier, the American Golden Pale Ale and the Czech Pilsner.

And this is not all, the user can also track the process of brewing from an app installed on your mobile device, both for iOS and Android.

The price of this formidable machine is still unknown, but more information is expected at the CES 2019 fair.

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