NetXee helps you make the best team decisions

In general, to make good decisions in companies, a lot of time is invested: endless meetings and long chats by chat or mail that then have to be resumed to analyze and decide. helps you make the best team decisions streamlines the decision-making process of work teams by gathering, thanks to their machine learning, the experiences and knowledge of each member on the subject in question, thus assembling a cognitive matrix of each of the members and then obtaining Agile and effective way the data and arguments on the subject to be decided.

It is through a series of questions that the app records the opinion of each team member. This solution is being prepared to link with Slack and Microsoft Teams and is already being used by companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Fiver and Citibank. can be presented as a first step to structure the knowledge of a company thanks to technology. An important objective to consider and see how it evolves.

Temas: team , equipo
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