Mmhmm, creativity in video calls

Mmhmm is a tool that allows you to streamline your video calls. With this solution you can design the room where you are, carrying out the video call in a virtual setting with thousands of possibilities, both fixed and animated.

Mmhmm, creativity in video calls

The app also allows you to manage slides, backgrounds and even your own image as a user with great ease through a movement you generate on the trackpad.

Appearing, disappearing, changing places on the screen, shrinking or enlarging are some of the options available both for people who are online and for slides or slides. As an example, with a simple movement the slide you are showing you can place it on your shoulder and you can even create interactive presentations based on videos and together with other users.

Ideal for YouTubers who want to set up their own show and surprise as well as for people who are long connected in video calls and want to add creativity to their presentations.

Mmhmm is in its beta version for MacOS. In a few more months it will also be available for Android phones and Windows computers.

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