New augmented reality game from the creators of Pokemon Go.

After the revolution that Pokemon Go caused around the globe and resuming the experience that augmented reality brings to the game dynamics, Pikmin Bloom is presented. This game aims to ensure that its users enjoy a simple walk or walk in the open air, leaving the competitive variable aside.

New augmented reality game from the creators of Pokemon Go.

In Pikmin Bloom each user generates his avatar and while he is walking he leaves a trail or footprint in the form of flower petals. These flower petals, like seeds, begin to generate the Pikmin or plants.

The objective is to collect the Pikmin that sprout along the way for your company. Feed them, find accessories, provide them with different types of nectars that will give them the possibility of faster growth, etc.

In turn, since users can see other players, they can create shared gardens.

This game, available on iOS and Android, is currently in Australia and Singapore but they promise that they will soon expand to the rest of the countries.

From Niantic, the company that designed the game with Nintendo, they present Pikmin Bloom a relaxed game that encourages going outdoors. A good post-pandemic alternative.

Temas: games , android , pokemon
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