New devices to sleep better

The number of people who have difficulty falling asleep or suffer from insomnia is increasing for various reasons. However, there are technological devices that contribute to improving the quality of sleep and therefore the quality of life of those suffering from these disorders.

New devices to sleep better

Technology can be a great ally when sleep disorders occur, as some innovative devices that improve the quality of sleep were developed. Here we detail the most recent devices designed for this purpose.


It is LED gadget based on meditation, aims to reduce stress and anxiety allowing you to fall asleep faster.

Dodow is of French origin and works as a metronome of light that synchronizes it with the user's breathing through sensors. It emits in this way a blue light in the ceiling in the form of a ring, which expands and contracts allowing to delay the metabolism and the emission of neurotransmitters. You can get this device for $ 60.

Oura Ring

It is an intelligent ring used by some celebrities such as Harry Pincipe, Will Smith and Manu Ginobili. The same, via bluetooth, is linked to an app installed on the smartphone compatible with iOS and Android.

This ring tracks human activity by analyzing particularly how aligned the respiration and heart rate are. Then he delivers daily reports to the user according to his state, with recommendations that will allow him to improve the concentration and the quality of the rest.

This ring in its reports indicates, for example, according to the biological conditions detected, the best time to perform a high intensity interval training.

The variables analyzed are body temperature, variations in heart rate during rest, variations in respiratory rate, time of sedentary lifestyle and intensity, time and duration of physical activities, among others.

This device can store data for up to 6 weeks, is water resistant, is titanium and has a diamond carbon coverage.

Dreem Band

It is a sleeping band that emits sounds that go directly to the brain, allowing you to reach a deep sleep. It is of French origin like Dodow and performs nightly monitoring of brain activity through sensors that also measure heart rate and respiration. Like the ring, this headband processes information using artificial intelligence (AI) and delivers reports to the user.

The most striking thing is that this headband, through the emission of sounds, stops the accelerated thoughts at the moment of lying down to achieve a more important relaxation.

In addition, once you fall asleep, send more sounds at certain intervals to reinforce the quality of deep sleep. Also, to awaken, it selects the moment in which the dream is lighter in a previously selected time interval.

DreamStation CPAP

It is a device developed by the company Phillips, ideal to use when there is obstructive sleep apnea. It facilitates the entry and exit of air by emitting continuous pressure in the respiratory tract.

This device has a DreamWear mask that together with the DreamMapper app, provide information about how the user slept and what their progress was during the break. Even this information can through a data management system, reach the doctor and decrease the number of consultations made.


It is a novel anti snoring mask that covers the nose allowing control of breathing while the user sleeps. Like other devices this gadget is synchronized to an app that detects snoring and picks up sounds at the time of sleep.

When the snoring is identified, the mask vibrates to induce the user to change position to one where they stop, using a built-in accelerometer.

If the change of position is not effective, the mask increases the pressure when exhaling in the respiratory tract to open them and stop the snoring.

Unlike the other devices, this does not evaluate sleep quality, but shows the trajectory of snoring and rest patterns over time.


This invention developed in Switzerland transforms a bed into a rocking chair. ZenRise consists of metal pieces that are placed under the bed and perform a slow movement that goes from one side to another.

The movement is not permanent but the device identifies when the user who is lying moves a lot and there begins the movement and stops when the stillness of a deep sleep is detected.

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