New functionalities are added to Google Maps thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Thanks to AI, Google Maps continues to add functionalities to its application. One of the most interesting will be indoor navigation.

New functionalities are added to Google Maps thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Based on Live View , the Google Maps tool that tells users which direction to take on city streets by marking them with orientation arrows, Indoor Live View was developed. This app is designed for indoor spaces such as airports, large shopping centers and any large venue where it is really easy to get disoriented.

This function is already enabled for both iOS and Android and has loaded some spaces from the main cities of the United States. From Google they promise to expand the number of sites adding to other major cities outside the United States. The main objective will be, for example, for Google Maps Indoor Live View to assist you at an international airport by indicating where the elevators, toilets, belts for collecting luggage, etc. are located.

Other functionalities that are being worked on:

- New weather layer to check from anywhere in the world the temperature and weather conditions in any other part of the planet, instantly. This function also provides for measuring the air quality in some parts of the globe thanks to the partnership with The Weather Company, and the Central Pollution Board, all specialized companies.

- Suggestions of routes that imply less fuel consumption. These suggestions will be based on variables such as pending, traffic congestion, among others.

- Sustainable mobility. This function will allow users to know which transports are required to travel a certain route, from a car, public transport, bicycle, etc. as a way of choosing ecological alternatives.

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