New Galaxy Fold: Folding and multitasking

Ready for multitasking? Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with Android Pie, it opens like a book thanks to the screen that is flexible and up to 50% thinner than a conventional screen.

New Galaxy Fold: Folding and multitasking

Samsung Galaxy Fold has a window called "multiactiva" in which you can open up to 3 applications at once, browsing with ease. You can also have open apps and make a video call.

"We have not only changed the shape of a telephone. We have changed the way of tomorrow." With this phrase Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

It has fingerprint sensor, dual battery system promising better performance. It has 12 Gb of RAM, the central display is 7.3 inches, HD + resolution and a camera with 6 lenses: 2 front, 3 on the back and 1 on the deck ranging from 8MP to 16MP.

"Bixby" is the virtual assistant that will anticipate your routines and will accompany you if you choose this cell phone.

Regarding security, Fold has Samsung Knox providing more security in your data.

The versions are two: LTE and 5G and in the course of the year will be available anywhere in the world.

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