PDFs adapted to the cell phone screen

The PDF format is the one chosen by many companies, institutions and professionals to share valid content, in an attractive and safe format. From user manuals, educational documents, product brochures, etc.

PDFs adapted to the cell phone screen

The problem that arises with this format is that smartphones, due to their small screens, forces us to zoom in order to read the full texts, to run paragraphs that we have already read to give way to new ones and even to lose ourselves in the reading line to enlarge or shrink the document again.

Noting this problem, Adobe has presented a solution to help us make PDF files more mobile friendly.

Through AI Adobe Reader will warn if the file is being read on Android and iOS and thus through a function, called Liquid Mode, it will adapt to the screen.

This function allows you to scan, identify paragraphs, headlines, tables and images and reformat the file showing it fully adapted, adding sections that can be expanded or contracted as navigation tabs, in order to go through the entire file.

The Adobe version with this functionality is in its early stages so it is not yet in all its versions but it is progressing and the company is already thinking about adapting other types of documents as well.

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