Place your mobile in this bowl and disconnect

Komoru is a bowl that contains microspheres capable of stopping the electromagnetic signals emitted by a device buried in them.

Place your mobile in this bowl and disconnect

The creative studio Cohda, a native of the United Kingdom, proposes a tool to help "disconnect" through signal interruption. It is ideal for those who have a high dependence on cell phones and where addiction becomes a serious technological problem, due to the intensive use of these devices.

This bowl is called Komoru and is full of latest generation microbolites that generate interference in the radio waves sent to the cell phone, if it is submerged between them. Therefore, the device is isolated from WiFi, 4G, 5G, and other signals.

The microspheres have a highly conductive and non-magnetic nickel wrapping layer, weighing less than traditional steel balls and are less hard so the devices do not scratch. The size of them has been considered to prevent them from entering the charging ports, audio and any other opening that a smartphone could have.

Although the cell phone that is introduced in this container is consumed by the battery, the discharge is compensated by the saving of not using the mobile.

Clearly Cohda has developed this device to promote the natural interaction of people. From the company they point out that the addiction to digital communication affects human face-to-face interactions and even real conversations, so Komoru acts as a physical barrier to the digital invasion.

The meaning of "Komoru," which is a Japanese verb, approximates the phrase "isolate oneself in a comfortable space."

The release date of this vessel and its market price will still be unknown, but you can choose between different styles and colors.

Komoru is an ideal accessory so that the guests to any meeting can deposit their cell phones in it and thus maintain greater attention in the conversations.

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