PowerPoint Presenter Coach, an ally when preparing your presentations

In these moments where virtual meetings have increased, it is important to generate clear and effective presentations, especially in the workplace and academia.

PowerPoint Presenter Coach, an ally when preparing your presentations

The objective of this Microsoft tool is to improve any presentation prepared in PowePoint by adjusting aspects of vocabulary, oratory, and posture in front of the speaker's camera.

Once the presentation design is finished, thanks to artificial intelligence, PowerPoint Presenter Coach can evaluate the user-speaker presenting their topic and suggest improvements, just like a virtual evaluator.

The app, at the end of the user's essay, will tell him if his dissertation was somewhat monotonous, if his tone of voice was correct, if the camera took it well, if in his orality there are words that he repeats often or if he has phrases that become fillers for repetition, etc.

The main objective of this tool is to train people to leave behind fear when speaking in public.

PowerPoint Presenter Coach is now available in the web version, on iOS and Android.


Body Language feedback with Presenter Coach on PowerPoint for Web
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