Remove your ex from the photos with "Edit my ex"

The website created by Mark Rofe, promises to digitally eliminate your former partner from the photos you want. The service costs some euros, but surely many will be willing to invest them.

Remove your ex from the photos with "Edit my ex"

The procedure is even simpler and tedious than grabbing a scissor and trimming the photo ... or less drastic than eliminating it.

If for some reason you do not want to have to do it for certain photographs where you are with your ex-partner, either because you get it right, you took it in a nice place or other reasons ... you must enter the website: " ", created by the British Mark Rofe.

But ... attention! The solution to keep the photo without your ex is not free, you must pay about 10 euros to edit them and eliminate them, digitally, your former partner.

The creator has great experience in Photoshop, so the idea of his business arose when he made photo edits for a friend, who had ended their relationship.

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