Risks of charging the cell phone in the airport's public USB

The charging cable is also the USB cable, so it not only transports energy but also transfers data. In a public charging terminal, a hacker may have tampered with the USB ports to infect the computers that connect with malicious code.

Risks of charging the cell phone in the airport's public USB

Every person who has traveled by plane knows that these cargo terminals are often a "salvation" but ... the reality shows that they can have a very high risk to use them.

This is because they can be manipulated by cybercriminals (hackers), which alter USB connections and thus install malware on cell phones that connect, as well as transfer data without authorization.

The vice president of IDB Security's X-Force Threat Intelligence division, Caleb Barlow, compares connecting to these public USBs with finding a toothbrush next to a road and bringing it to his mouth. "You do not know where that thing was," he says.

For these reasons it is advisable to use the standard charger and plug it into the mains. Otherwise, it is better to have patience at the airport and hope to reach the home or hotel of the destination.

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