Safer browsers to protect your personal data

What are the most downloaded and used search engines by users? According to the profile of each one, we can find who chooses Edge, Chrome, Safari or FireFox but there are less known and more secure search engines or browsers regarding the data they collect.

Safer browsers to protect your personal data

Some examples of so-called "private" browsers are DuckDuckGo , Brave and Firefox Focus whose added value is to protect the user and their data.

These browsers work at all times as if it were in an "incognito mode" blocking the trackers through which the user's history is obtained by accessing their preferences, tastes and personal data. The disadvantage that could occur using these browsers is that you cannot see a special section of a website such as a video or shopping cart. In any case, with these browsers, the decision is left to the user whether or not to give access to their data and at what time.

DuckDuckGo: Traditional style browser where you can, as in the most popular ones, bookmark your favorite URLs and keep several tabs open at the same time.

Brave : This is also a traditional browser only with a better result when it comes to blocking ads. It has anti-tracking and functions similar to favorites and tabs.

Firefox Focus : This browser is exclusive for smartphones, both Android and iPhone. After generating a search, you can delete the session by means of an icon, and also by exiting it, the history is directly deleted.

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