Share your own stories with Plates

If you are a lover of photos and videos, of putting together your own album after each event, Plates will delight you. This app not only allows you to share photos and videos putting together an album, but it also helps you organize all the material as if you were narrating a story.

Share your own stories with Plates

Ideal to share with friends and family after a celebration, departure, trip or any event you have such as registration, photos and videos.

Creating private stories, inviting friends and family to join as curators, allowing them to edit and put the album together, will be the possibility to relive those unique moments.

The application changes the concept of hashtags and uses them as options to collaborate and value stories. It also has available content, such as thousands of photos, to add to your productions. Plates is available on iOS and Android.

Temas: iOS , android , pictures , photos , fotos , videos
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