Speed up Google Chrome with OneTab

Google Chrome is one of the most preferred browsers by users, however, sometimes its performance can be affected by the number of open tabs. Know in this note an extension to improve this aspect.

Speed up Google Chrome with OneTab

The free extension, recommended by Google, to give the browser a speed boost is called “OneTab”.

Here is the step by step of how to install it:

  1. Free download " OneTab " from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Once installed, the “OneTab” button will appear in the browser bar, on the right side. It may appear inside an icon shaped like a "puzzle" piece: “Extensions”.
  3. Every time you work with many open tabs, generating slow browsing, you must click on the extension button, so that they are closed.
  4. All the tabs will be in a list of hyperlinks.
  5. It is possible to restore them individually or all at once.

As long as your tabs are in the "OneTab" list, up to 95% memory will be saved and an order of all the open tabs with which you are working will be maintained.

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