Steps to hide WhatsApp profile picture and connection time from certain contacts

WhatsApp contemplates a new option to choose with precision, the contacts that can see the profile picture and the last connection time, as well as the information and status of the account.

This is the “My contacts, except…” option. Learn in this note how to activate it.

Steps to hide WhatsApp profile picture and connection time from certain contacts

There is a new way for a contact that is in our phone book to selectively not see our profile picture and/or the time of our last WhatsApp connection.

Until now, there were only three privacy options: Everyone, My contacts or Nobody , which often led to opting out of scheduling a person so that they do not see this personal information.

It is necessary to know that this "intermediate" option: My contacts, except... , is also available for the Info and Status section of our WhatsApp account.

It is possible to activate it in the following way:

  1. On the main screen, where the chats are, choose the three points in the upper right margin.
  2. Select “Settings and then “Account”.
  3. Opt for the "Privacy" option and in that section choose between: Last time. time, Profile Picture, Info, and/or Status. What you want to modify with the “My contacts, except… ” option.
  4. Mark the people from whom you want to hide the information.

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