Take your projects forward from Gmail with Dragapp

For those who have concentrated all their work emails in GMAIL and want to manage their projects without leaving the account and without using another app, there is Dragapp . This is an extension that allows you to transform your email account into a Trello .

Take your projects forward from Gmail with Dragapp

Organize tasks by priority, mark degrees of progress, set delivery times becomes simple.

With Dragapp we will see a list of columns to place our tasks according to the degree of progress of each. As we continue to specify tasks, we will move them to the relevant columns. The Dragapp 2.0 version is free for a user and paid for applying to work teams. In the case of work groups, you can manage several emails within the same inbox such as sales @, contact @, support @.

All the emails we receive can adopt the ticket format similar to what the current CRMs do. A way to optimize the management of your projects in a simple and effective way.

More info on the official site .

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