The email that promises to prove your partner's infidelity is a virus

Cybercriminals have found a new way to deceive their victims through an email that promises to show photos and videos of the partner in a "compromising" or infidelity situation.

The email that promises to prove your partner's infidelity is a virus

We already know that in recent years social networks have helped romantic relationships become increasingly complicated. This is due to the ease of reaching out to other people that the networks offer, the possibility of creating fake accounts to interact with certain users, the dubious “likes” that are given to followers and much more.

In this context, cybercriminals (hackers) have found a new method of “pishing” to steal necessary key information and carry out theft or cyber blackmail of those who are unsure of their partner.

The scam uses personal data of a person known to the victim, to send an informal email and not arouse their suspicions. The fraudulent email promises to prove the couple's alleged infidelity and contains an attachment, usually a zip or rar, with photos and video evidence of the deception.

When the recipient downloads the file, what they are actually doing is allowing malware to enter their device. This malicious code manages to obtain passwords for banks and social networks, necessary to steal money or carry out blackmail.

For the aforementioned, it is advisable to speak with the person who supposedly sent the email and / or with the partner before opening this type of suspicious email and falling into the deception.

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