The Fortnite World Cup already has winners

The Fortnite video game World Cup, which began on Friday 26 and ended on Sunday July 29, already has winners. There were millions of dollars at stake!

The Fortnite World Cup already has winners

The Norwegian Emil Bergquist Pedersen, known in virtual reality as "Nyhrox" and his partner Thomas Arnould, Austrian and nicknamed "Aqua", are the first world champions of the "Duo Mode" of the Fortnite video game.

These teenagers of only 16 years, won 3 million dollars after winning two of the six games of the first world final duet held in New York at the Arthur Ashe Stadium (home of the US Open Tennis).

The couple that came in second place, formed by Dutchman David Jong, only 21 years old and known as "Red", together with 15-year-old Briton "Wolfiez", called Jaden Ashman, received $ 1,125,000 each.

The winning team obtained 51 points and the couple that remained in second place 47.

In third place on the podium were the Americans Elevate and Ceice with 45 points and a total prize pool of $ 1,800,000.

On Friday 26, the winner was "Fish Man" in the "Creative Mode" competition, where 8 teams made up of 4 players each competed. Fish Man earned $ 1,310,000 to be distributed among its members.

On Sunday the "All against All" cup was played, from which a single winner ("Lonely Modality") of the 100 best players in the world came out. The winner received 3 million dollars more.

The lucky and great champion proclaimed in the Fornite competition was the American professional player: Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf, only 16 years old.

The final result he obtained was 59 points, which meant a great victory because the second place was won by Harrison "Psalm" Chang who could only get 33 points.

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