Thunderpod, the game that will put you in shape

We are in the first quarter of the year, so exercising and eating healthy are usually on the list of goals to be met. With Thunderpod you will achieve it.

Thunderpod, the game that will put you in shape

Do you need to motivate yourself to do exercises?

This is a game with a virtual character that evolves according to the exercise that you do. A 3D character that will represent your lifestyle and accompany you in every physical activity you undertake: It will be a reflection of your efforts.

If you go walking, running, climbing, your virtual friend will improve his appearance, he will become stronger. If you sit in front of a screen, your appearance will not be ideal. The game will pose challenges that are always personalized and taking into account your activity levels.

Then you can compete with friends and family by earning coins to change at the Thundershop store.

This app is designed for iOS and Android . 4.8 Google Play Rating

Temas: gym , android , iOS
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