Tools to search for people on the web

These tools allow access to the information available on the web about a particular person. Ideal to find a friend or relative who has not had contact for a long time or to know all the information that the web throws about ourselves.

Tools to search for people on the web

WebMii is a tool that allows, by loading the name and surname of the person, to obtain all the information that is on the web about the same and the source from which the data arose. In turn, this tool, according to the level of public exposure of the person sought, yields a score or classification of the profile based on social networks and search by keywords on the web.

Today, the use of this tool is more linked to knowing what the level of exposure of a particular person is rather than the location of people.

Family Search is ideal if what the user is looking for is to know the origin of their family and access their genealogical tree.

To access it, you will request to create an account by entering some information. The more information we can contribute to the search, such as city of origin, telephone number or other additional information, this tool, free to use and in Spanish, will help us obtain better results.

Other alternatives such as Spokeo , ZabaSearch and Peek You have good performance but are concentrated only in the United States, with the possibility of filtering by relevance, place of origin within the territory, etc.

What most surprises users of these tools is the amount of information uploaded to the web about a particular person. It is a way of recognizing the amount of data and images that we make available after using social networks and other platforms.

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